Many kinds of activities take place at TIA (Toyota International Association): Japanese and other Foreign Language Classes, Volunteer Activities, Counseling for foreign residents, etc.
Toyota International Association
Toyota Industry and Culture Center, 3F
1-25 Kozakahonmachi
Toyota City, Aichi

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About TIA
What is Toyota International Association?
Since its establishment on October 1, 1988, Toyota International Association has greatly expanded local cultural exchange activities in order to promote mutual understanding and friendship with foreign countries.
From now on, as well, TIA aims to create a City of vital industry, rich culture and global exchange activities, along the three basic principles of “exchange,” “understanding” and “unity,” through advancing the participation of citizens in regional dialogs and activities that require cooperation.
Outline of the Activities of TIA
International Exchange

・”National Day(s)”—Provide a chance to personally experience international exchange
・Receiving foreign visitors for home stays
・Sponsoring of the activities of volunteer groups and the provision of information
・Making use of local people as lecturers to deepen exchanges and help acquaint people
with cultural differences through study meetings
・Making new opportunities for international exchange in cooperation with local activities

Education for International Understanding

・Inviting elementary school students to visit the “Global Square” to take part in an “Educational
Program for International Understanding for Elementary School Students”
・”Discussion Program about International Understanding” targeted towards elementary
and middle students and the creation of a place for them to experience cultural exchange
・”Time for Comprehensive Study” program which develops and puts to use local human
resources for the purpose of expansion
・Cultivation of leaders and investigation of methods to promote international understanding based
on discussions between the City Administration, the Board of Education and schools
・Holding of company-sponsored “International Understanding Education Seminars”
・Gathering of materials useful for international understanding, development, environment, and
NGOs, etc.
・Promotion of international understanding based on volunteer and NGO activities, which have already been put into practice
・Publishing of “Newsletter for International Understanding Education”

Multicultural Unity

・Provision of meaningful opportunities for Japanese language learning (running of three types of from Tuesday through Sunday sponsoring exchange experiences and cooperation with local area Japanese language study activities)
・ Support of activities for young foreigners (promoting of activities that are targeted towards young
foreigners, that involve them with local Japanese and foreign people)
・Maintaining a counseling system for foreigners (setting up counselors for Saturday and Sunday,
cooperation with various counseling agencies, and a system of dispatching interpreters)
・Cooperation between the City and relevant organizations in order to improve the social welfare of foreign residents;
・Facilitating the formation of community in areas where there is a large concentration of foreigners (surveys of present conditions, cooperation amongst relevant organizations, provision of information for mutual aid and self-help).

TIA’s International Exchange Activities

The basic philosophy underlying Toyota International Association (TIA) can be stated as

“Internationalization requires that Citizens must take a leading role.”

Since its establishment in October, 1988, based on the “three pillars” of “exchange,” “understanding” and “unity,” and for the purpose of building the infrastructure for a society where people can live together in harmony, TIA has broadened the range of international exchange activities in which citizens play a major role, including various exchange events and lectures where people can come together to experience new cultures and to get to know each other.
Above all, one of the most important features of TIA’s activities is the energetic, purpose-focused, “pro-active” efforts made by volunteer groups. Volunteers undertake a wide variety of activities, such as support of overseas projects, exchanges with, support of and provision of Japanese language classes. Other groups, whose members are private citizens, provide such services as translating, interpreting, home-stays and home-visits. Every year, about 300 people register as TIA volunteer. Toyota City has become a true “internationalized city” because many foreign residents llive here. Won’t you take the first steps of international exchange, starting with getting to know your foreign neighbors, with the aim to make a multicultural, “living together in harmony” society based on understanding of and respect for various cultures?

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Toyota International Association (TIA)
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