Many kinds of activities take place at TIA (Toyota International Association): Japanese and other Foreign Language Classes, Volunteer Activities, Counseling for foreign residents, etc.
Toyota International Association
Toyota Industry and Culture Center, 3F
1-25 Kozakahonmachi
Toyota City, Aichi

Closed on Mondays

Fun Programs


Support foreign residents in time of disaster volunteers

There are many foreigners living in Toyota City. If a major disaster were to strike, there would be serious problems, such as “lack of information” and “unavailability of aid” for foreigner victims who cannot understand Japanese.
From the experiences of Kobe and Niigata, Toyota City and TIA have set up a registration system of “Support Foreigners in Time of Disaster Volunteers” and are calling for the cooperation of volunteers who can provide language support. The cooperation of many individuals is required. If you are interested, please contact TIA!

[Details of Activities]
TIA holds training meetings in order to improve the knowledge and skills necessary for interpreting and translating in time of disaster. Participants receive a “Certificate of Completion” by City of Toyota.
(There are some conditions, for example, the number of times of attendance. For details about this year’s program, please address your questions to TIA).
We will inform you when the occasion arises regarding related events and need for your cooperation.