Many kinds of activities take place at TIA (Toyota International Association): Japanese and other Foreign Language Classes, Volunteer Activities, Counseling for foreign residents, etc.
Toyota International Association
Toyota Industry and Culture Center, 3F
1-25 Kozakahonmachi
Toyota City, Aichi

Closed on Mondays

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Introduction of Volunteer Groups
E-IFF (English Information For Friends)
TIA Volunteer Group E-IFF
(English Information For Friends)


Our group was formed soon after TIA founded in 1988. We have been trying to make use of our English skills to help the people from overseas to feel at home in Japan. By serving as interpreters, tour guides, or by organizing events such as “ENGLISH SALON” for international friendship, we established friendship with people from more than 30 countries. For example, two booklets, “ENJOY TOYOTA” (a sightseeing guide book) and “TOYOTA CITY MEDICAL GUIDE” have been used by many people as a guide to a life here in Toyota City.
More recently, our seasonal Japanese cooking classes are getting attention from the foreign residents of all over Tokai area. Every year, our members participate as volunteer interpreters in international exchange projects and such occasions are increasing. In our activities, we hope to focus more on seeing things form a foreign resident’s perspective and with some help from our English speaking friends in Toyota, we will try our best to improve our English skills and to be more knowledgeable in Japanese and other cultures.

Regular meeting: every Thursday, from 10:30 to noon

Volunteers of all nationalities are welcome

Interpretation, translation, sightseeing guide, English salon (presentation in English by foreign residents), international friendship events, editing of sightseeing guidebook “ENJOY TOYOTA”, “TOYOTA CITY MEDICAL GUIDE”, translating of emergency guide book.

English speaking volunteers of all nationalities are welcome! Let’s join us to make a difference in Toyota City! (Activities in need of help: proofreading/ English training/ project planning/ computer related works, etc.)