Many kinds of activities take place at TIA (Toyota International Association): Japanese and other Foreign Language Classes, Volunteer Activities, Counseling for foreign residents, etc.
Toyota International Association
Toyota Industry and Culture Center, 3F
1-25 Kozakahonmachi
Toyota City, Aichi

Closed on Mondays

Fun Programs


National Day

“TIA’s National Days” are enjoying growing popularity!

As Toyota City becomes better known throughout the world, foreigners from many different countries come to Toyota City. Some of these foreign residents of Toyota put great energy and planning into presenting their countries’ history, culture and lifestyle to us—this is what “TIA National Day” is all about!

By performing songs and dances, and by showing off their national costumes, and by participating together with those who have come to listen and see, National Days also provide opportunities for exchange and conversations.

Everyone is invited to discover “Toyota Global Square,” where the flowers of many diverse cultures can be seen to bloom!

Application for participation: There is no charge either for participation or for application.


Tuesday to Sunday


Toyota Industry and Culture Center, The Pedestrian Deck


We are now recruiting volunteers who wish to introduce their countries.